"Whoever takes care of an orphan, he and I will be together in Paradise like this (his index and middle fingers held close together" Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Help us build more Schools to Educate Orphans giving them a brighter future as we continue to support Orphans with their daily educational needs. We have built seven schools delivering literacy, numeracy & faith-based Quran studies to over 2000 Orphans. With your support help us reach thousands of Orphans to give the gift of Education.

At Sadaqa Welfare Fund we believe that every Orphan is special. Each Orphan child deserves a happy, healthy childhood and the opportunity to build a brighter future. 

Your support provides shelter, education, daily meals, and medical/dental cover for these Orphans.

At Sadaqa Welfare Fund we don’t sponsor orphans individually, as we find that supporting a whole Orphanage is a better approach ensuring all the children are helped, supervised & well looked after. It is for that reason that we have built Schools and Orphanages that take care of the Orphans and their needs of education, food, shelter & healthcare. 

We make sure the teachers we hire at these Orphanages are qualified and that these children are equipped with proper education to be able to venture into the world and support themselves in the future. 

Your donations go towards providing food and clean water for these orphanages/schools, as well as stationery, medical/dental supplies & Eid Gifts. 

Support Orphans

Support Orphans


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