Sadaqa Jariya is ongoing charity (continuous rewards) for good actions and deeds, that will not only benefit us in this life, but will continue to benefit us after our death.
Below given are some good actions and deeds:

  1. Donate and contribute to any Sadaqa Jariya Project
  2. Help a child to continue his or her Education.
  3. Donate towards building a school giving poor children and orphans the gift of education.
  4. Donating towards building and supporting Medical Clinics and Rehabilitation Centres.
  5. Donate and/or actively participate in building of a Mosque.
  6. Building or donating to build an Orphanage.
  7. Supporting Orphans Education and Food requirements.
  8. Donate to dig and build water wells, every time people use this wells you will receive hasanat. ( Help build water wells or maintain water wells )

Sadaqa Welfare Fund is actively engaged in Sadaqa Jariya projects worldwide, donate now to be involved in Sadaqa’s funding of sadaqa jariyah project costs all year round.

Sadaqa Jariyah

Sadaqa Jariyah

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