Sadaqa Welfare Fund is building a New Masjid for the worshippers in the Village of East Kolkonda, Bangladesh. Our Masjid Projects have a full time Imam to conduct prayers and education lessons for the families living in East Kolkonda.

The Masjid will accommodate 500 worshippers at a time and will be used for congregational prayers, Eid and Janaza prayers, Ramadan activities, Islamic lessons, Quran classes and more Insha Allah. A paid Imam and Muadhin will take care of the communities needs and provide education to the families. 

Masjid Khadijah will have separated toilets and ablution area for the worshippers. Please give generously towards this Sadaqa Jariyah Project and earn everlasting reward with Allah SWT.

Please do not miss out on this amazing Sadaqa Jariyah opportunity to earn the reward of a house in Jannah as the Prophet SAW said: “Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” Bukhari & Muslim


Masjid Khadijah Bangladesh

Masjid Khadijah Bangladesh


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