The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Whoever builds a Masjid for (the sake of) Allah, then Allah will build a similar house for him in Paradise." (At-Tirmidhi) 

Sadaqa Welfare Fund builds Masjids/Mosques in different countries each year for communities in need.

Building a masjid is not only an excellent means of earning Sadaqa Jariyah reward but is also a means of providing needy Muslims from around the world with a place of spiritual refuge, comfort, shelter and strengthening.

Our teams carefully survey the needs of the people we provide aid to and if it is found that a village or town does not have its own Masjid, we campaign to collect the funds to build one.

In areas where masjids have collapsed or have been damaged due to war or natural disasters, we re-build the masjid so it can once again be utilised by worshippers.

We also assign paid Imams and teachers to conduct Quran and Islamic classes in the masjids. We also ensure that there are female teachers in the masjid so that the sisters in these poverty-stricken areas have access to a proper Islamic education.

The cost of building a masjid differs depending on the material used and the country they are being built in.

We build the masjid structures from local materials to ensure that we follow the proper building guidelines in countries that are prone to natural disasters.

Now is a great time to assist us in building these much-needed Masjid/Mosques leaving a legacy of supported Sadaqa Jariyah projects should always be our intention to please Allah SWT.

Build Masjids

Build Masjids


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