Barakah Housing is our latest housing project which will house 70 families who were affected by the devastating monsoon floods. These Zakat recipients will have a safe place to call home and shelter their families from the extreme heat in the Sindh Region. Barakah Housing will also have a Water Station, Masjid, Playground and a School to educate the children and provide them with the hope for a better future. 

Each house is $4,000 to sponsor, Zakat applicable and will be given a plaque with sponsor's chosen name. Each house includes 2 rooms, a Kitchen, a Bathroom and courtyard in the front.

Please give generously towards this amazing Sadaqa Jariyah opportunity to provide a new home to these families who are desperately in need of shelter.

Barakah Housing Village Pakistan

Barakah Housing Village Pakistan

Zakat Applicable Zakat Applicable

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