Eye Operations for Syrians
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These people that have crossed the border from Syria into Turkey, are fleeing from the ongoing wall and are suffering from all sorts of ailments/conditions including cataracts, malnutrition & loss of vision.  Till date, we have given sight a great number of babies, infants, and adults, having given back their vision through the help of our donators and sponsors.  These operations are performed in two state-of-the-art eye clinics by professional surgeons in two different locations in Turkey, Istanbul & Gaziantep.

We take for granted all too much the importance of sight in our lives, so this is a humbling and amazing opportunity to give the gift of sight to someone. Even a small contribution could help give a little child their eyesight back. You can be the difference in someone's life, why not be the person that brings the light back into their lives. Be their eyes, from which they will see from for the rest of their lives.




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Sadaqa Welfare Fund works on over 30 projects a year including maintenance and support for the infrastructure we build such as schools, wells and homes!