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Zakat Al Maal

Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is a Islamic duty for every Muslim to pay a donation on their wealth to the Muslim community in need around the world. Providing much needed charity relief through Zakat Al Maal payments to be paid by Muslims donating a minimum of 2.5% of their wealth.


Who is Eligible to pay Zakat Al Maal?

Contributors: Any Muslim adult who is working or earning more than his everyday essential needs to donate a proportion of their income as Zakat towards charity.


Recipients: Those eligible to receive assistance from Zakat Al Maal payments include:

(Fakir) The Poor with low income or no income

(Miskin) A self-respecting person who has become needy.

(Amil) Those employed to manage the distribution of Zakat

(Riqab) Someone in slavery or imprisonment

(Gharmin) Anyone debt-ridden

(Fisabillillah) One who endures in the cause of Allah

(Ibnus Sabil) Who are stranded or traveling with few resources

(Muallaf) who have the hope of converting to Islam or those who are new to Islam


How Much Zakat Do I Need to Pay?

As Sadaqa Welfare Fund, we want to make paying your Zakat simple and easy. We have created a useful Zakat Calculator to make your Zakat payments online straight forward and quick.

2.5% on total savings & wealth (Annual)


Calculating Your Zakat Al Maal

You can easily calculate the amount of zakat you need to pay, visit our zakat calculator page.

Sadaqa Welfare Fund is one of the leading charity foundations serving the needy by working in the most vulnerable locations creating projects in: Syria, Gaza, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Rohingya, Yemen, Indonesia, Turkey and the needy at home in Australia. Our team provides emergency relief services to save lives after disasters nationally and internationally and help communities get back to normal.

Zakat Al-Mal




Other Donation Options

Bank Transfer

BSB: 032070
Account: 572756
Swift Code: WPACAU2S (For International Transfers)
Ref: Donor's Full Name

Bank Transfer

BSB: 032373
Account: 221726
Swift Code: WPACAU2S (For International Transfers)
Ref: Donor's Full Name


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