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What is Sadaqah Jariyah?

Sadaqah is a charity donation you can pay online any time of the year especially in the month of Ramadan. Donate your Sadaqah to help the orphans, widows and families in need with many projects to empower them throughout the year.


Difference between Sadaqah & Sadaqah Jariyah?

Sadaqah is a general donation that can be made anytime being used for most charity appeals providing aid and relief to Muslims around the world. Sadaqah Jariyah is donation with long-term ongoing charity that goes towards our many projects building Mosques, Schools, Orphanages and Water Wells.


Is Sadaqah & Zakah the Same Thing?

Sadaqah is general charity donation that is used for many projects providing aid and relief through; education, housing, water and medical programs.

Zakah is a yearly compulsory payment that is mainly used for feeding the needy in Ramadan and all year round.


Who can give Sadaqah and who can Sadaqah be given to?

There are no rules when it comes to giving Sadaqah, you can give what you feel comfortable. By giving Sadaqah one off or  a monthly donation you can make an impact setting up an online payment which is quick and easy to set up your donations.


Is there a Certain Time for Giving Sadaqah?

Sadaqah is given from the heart with the purest intentions and because it is not compulsory, you can give Sadaqah or Sadaqah Jariyah at any time. No amount is too small ever dollar counts.


What are the Benefits of Giving Sadaqah?

The act of charity, increases happiness for the giver and the recipient, there are great rewards for giving Sadaqah. It is our duty to give back to the people most in need.


How Does Sadaqah Help Orphans?

Orphans who have no home, no food, and no family to defend them. They are weak and helpless and in desperate need of nurturing. Without your Sadaqah they are vulnerable and need to be housed, clothed, fed and educated and that can only happen with your generous donations.

Your Sadaqah helps by improving their lives and gives them a purpose to live. Your Monthly Donations can provide support to much needed programs like supporting Orphans and orphanages education and food requirements.

As little as a $30 a month online donation, is enough to start making the great change for the better.


How Can I Give Sadaqah?

You can give Sadaqah by clicking the Quick Donate button, you can set up a regular monthly donation or you click on any of our projects to find out more and donate online.





What is

Monthly Donation?

Sadaqa Welfare Fund works on over 30 projects a year including maintenance and support for the infrastructure we build such as schools, wells and homes!