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Currently, in Gaziantep, we have re-established a rehab Centre for the Syrian Refugees, the rehab center houses over 70 people.  Fifty beds are for patients, and 20 beds are for parental care, out of the 50 there are 30 women and children, some are orphans with their guardians.  The 20 left is male, the majority of the people there have been wounded in the conflict in Syria, disabled or terminally ill.  The Turkish government has given the authorisation for the people to come to Turkey but because their families are based in Syria and the hospital cannot take all the patients due to the influx of people from the war.  A rehab Centre has been established to help house people while going through their treatment.  At the rehab Centre they get three meals a day, physiotherapist are on hand, and they have people to drive them to and from the hospital, there are also translators.

We are looking for sponsors to open their heart, minds and help support the Rehab Centre all year round, now is your opportunity to make a difference and help people most in need.  What a great Sadaqa Jariah project to be a part of while these people are getting taken care of in their most needed times.

Rehab Centre Turkey

Rehab Centre Turkey - Sadaqa Welfare Fund has established rehab centres for the displaced Syrians. Assisting patients, parents and terminally ill, the rehab centre gives support that these people in need that would not have gotten otherwise.




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