Water Wells Syria
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The water wells in Syria are actually large water stations. Getting clean water in Syria has never been harder than it is now. The only way to gain access to clean water is through charities bringing in fresh water from over the border.  This is a band-aid solution at best. We at Sadaqa Welfare fund have built five water stations, and we are now digging up to 550 metres underground to get to a vein which is large enough to supply water to a large number of people and which does not dry out in summer.  It will have a full filtration system powered by generators, solar panels and all this equipment is kept in solid pre-concrete construction.  We have a security team protecting the area and organisations that run the generators. This way not only the people from local camps benefit but also tankers that distribute the clean water can fill their tankers from our water stations and take them to different regions of Syria – Haleb, Idlib, Attaman & areas surrounding.  

The station is not only helping to get clean water to the locals but also to other areas that are in desperate need of fresh water.   The water well stations are put on Waqf land, which means no one has any ownership, it cannot be sold & it’s purely for NON-PROFIT organisations. This means that the water is given out for free and it benefits everyone in need of clean, fresh water. 

Water Wells Syria

Give clean drinking water to thousands of families in need! Water station projects for Syria and Gaza are available to donate towards. Water stations differ to water wells in where water wells just draw water from small water pockets, a water station taps into large veins of water able to provide gallons of water for not only locals but tankers from surrounding areas to fill up from. They are completely solar powered with water filtration and purification machinery to ensure fresh drinking water straight from the station.





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Sadaqa Welfare Fund works on over 30 projects a year including maintenance and support for the infrastructure we build such as schools, wells and homes!