Urgent Idlib Syria Emergency Appeal
03 Mar 2020
Emergency Aid needed for Idlib

For the past ten years, a Syrian child refugee has had no place to call home. This child lives in constant fear, uncertainty and instability.

Where will the next meal come from?
Where will they sleep?
Where will they live?

And worst of all, what if loved ones are lost and this child like millions of others is left all alone?

For this child, basics like going to school, reading and playing are distant memories and the future ??? Who knows what it holds..

At SADAQA we are doing whatever it takes to ensure as many children have a place to call home, a childhood and a future to believe in.

Friends thanks to your determination and generosity, together, we are helping Syria's children heal from the physical and emotional wounds of war.

When compassionate people like you support our relief efforts, then we can protect and care for more girls and boys who are daily being at risk of abuse..

Since the crisis began, we've been reaching children and families in besieged areas, refugee camps and host communities.

Despite extreme challenges, we’ve helped with the Mercy of Allah many many children inside war-torn Syria.

The entire lives of Syria’s youngest children are being coloured by violence and misery.
But these kids are not giving up, and neither should we.

We should all have hope and most importantly show compassion and kindness,no matter how small our donation maybe.

Your support can transform children’s lives.

It can bring a smile on the face of a widow, orphan,mother, grandmother,abled and disabled SYRIAN REFUGEE

It can help babies to survive those fragile first months.

It can give kids the pyschosocial support they need to heal.

And it can open up worlds of opportunity by giving kids an education.

SADAQA has been for the last few years trying it's best with your donations to make a difference..

Right now in Idlib, northwest Syria, the escalating violence has pushed over 900,000 people - including half a million children - away from their homes and into danger.
Serious danger...

Children and their families are taking refuge in public facilities, schools, mosques, unfinished buildings and shops.

Many are simply living in parks, amidst heavy rains and in the freezing cold. Snow ,rain,wind with no comfort in sight.

Of the thousands of women and children killed in Syria in the past year alone as a result of the conflict, Idlib has recorded the highest number.

Through our partners on the ground, SADAQA continues to deliver assistance to families in need, including those recently displaced.

We are providing hygiene kits, safe water, vaccinations for children and treatment for malnutrition.

Tents,Food item's,and emergency supplies.

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Donate Generously: Idlib Syria Emergency Appeal

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